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New Light

When someone sheds new light on something, do you usually feel better or worse? Of course, we feel better. Light always brings about a better feeling.

Even when we are the recipient of bad news, the fact that we now have a better grasp of the situation; the fact that we know something that we need to know, is something we are usually grateful for on some level.

Today, I’d like to invite you to think in terms of light and dark rather than positive and negative. As much as you can – as often as you can – instead of positive and negative, think light and dark.

Yes, we ought to think positively and have a general expectation of positive things in life. It is a given that we ought to favor that which is positive over that which is negative. However, I believe that when we choose to think in terms of light over that which is merely positive, we move one step further toward the kind of mental and emotional maturity – the bigger thinking – necessary to blast through life’s obstacles.

If you can’t see the benefit of tweaking your thinking in this way, it is unlikely I can write enough words to describe why it’s a good idea. However, it may help for you to ask and consider the following questions…

* Which is a bigger, more all-encompassing, word: Positive or Light?

* Jesus is described as the greatest prophet. Did he merely bring Positive, or did he bring Light?

* Conceptually, what do I want more of in my life: Positive or Light?

* If I had a choice, how would I prefer that people describe me: as a positive person, or as someone who enlightens and who brings light?

Hope I’ve shed new light on this topic. Now go do the same. Be a light to others and shine some light on your obstacles as you blast them out of your way.


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