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Originally posted August 7, 2011, this two part post is one of the most-read at Obstacle Blaster. Hope you enjoy and that you accept my invitation to share links to these, and other Obstacle Blaster articles, far and wide. — Jim Aitkins

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Someone said something to me recently that I really struggled with. I actually got irritated at the audacity of these words. Although the remark didn’t initially sit right with me, I withheld expressing my disagreement with it, but I know my body language signaled how unnerved I felt about someone saying something so definitively “black and white”.

Mind you, it wasn’t a comment aimed at me, personally. It was just something that struck me as antagonistic, “in your face” and uncompromising. The thirteen words he spoke came across as very dogmatic.

Here’s what was said: “Until you get your facts straight, you aren’t authorized to have an opinion.”   

See what I mean?

Again, the person who said this was speaking generally, not directing the comment to me about anything I had said or done. It was a generic statement to anyone expressing an opinion… when the person doing so

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